Over The Rainbow

It’s been a few weeks since I posted a blog, mostly because it just didn’t seem like the time was right, but now I think we need something to lift our spirits and what better than the innocence of Dorothy Gale.

The very lovely Carla MacKinnon is the focus of this blog. She’s one talented lady and with just a little bit of coercing her contribution to the Blank Canvas chronicles are some of the lyrics from the iconic song Over The Rainbow.

These lyrics speak of a happy carefree life. Something we all aspire to. That this song nearly didn’t make it into the movie speaks volumes – the writers fought to have in the movie and as we know the rest is movie history. Dorothy with her naivety and her single minded pursuit to fulfil her dream always reminds me that if you stay true to yourself and keep on track (even with those little distractions that are along the way) you can reach your goals.

Carla’s missive also includes a couple of unrelated  quotes – one of them is a lovely saying “Love is incomplete without another” this phrase itself could warrant it’s own blog but for now I’m going to say “sharing is caring” 🙂

The final little piece of prose is a nod to her slightly quirky nature – she added, almost as an after thought, “Will do tricks for cupcakes” – lets be honest who wouldn’t!

Thank you for sharing Carla *hugs*

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