A Little Bit Of Fantasy

I had a missed called from the Dominion Post on my phone last night, no message was left. So today I have been thinking about reasons that they may have called me and this is what I have come up with:

They wanted my opinion about whether Sam Morgan should be Prime Minister, my answer would be a resounding Yes! Not only is he a great entrepreneur, socially savvy and let’s face it just a little bit rich, he’s actually a very smart, switched on guy and I think a fantastic candidate to lead this country into the next phase of growth, which I personally believe has to be digital all the way!

Or maybe they were seeking my opinion on my regular tweets about “I Shouldn’t Be Alive” which I watch like a car crash – I know I shouldn’t but I can’t tear myself away – and I moan about each week. It just goes to show you can do some seriously dumb shit and still survive! I’m not sure if this means the survivors are meant to go on to do amazing things with their lives or their survival is just plain luck. Which ever it is, you can bet I’ll be watching again next week.

Maybe they were seeking comment on the life and times of a a social media addict with one or two too many Twitter accounts, two small businesses [one of course is a social media consultancy], one small boy, verbal diarrhea, an unhealthy attachment to her iPhone & wine and lives in a home nicknamed The Tweet House.

On reflection, they more than likely just called the wrong number and when they got to my message thought uh oh, we ain’t doing that!

Regardless sometimes it’s fun to just let your mind wander into the ‘a bit of fantasy’ for a while!

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