…comes in many forms.

Today my empowerment came from something that many people do without even thinking, mowing the lawn. Yes, at 42 years old, today was the first time I have ever mowed the lawn. Lame I know, but up to this point I have always had someone to do them for me – husband, landlord, paid professional.

However, at Camelot, I can’t justify paying someone to do the lawns, can’t keep asking the ex to do them, and the landlord didn’t include it so when I rented the place I asked her to leave her lawnmower (brand new) and I decided I would do them. It’s been several weeks since they ‘should’ have been done and I’ve been stalling but today was the day and with the assistance and tutorial from my ex husband I learnt how to start the mower (and yes I can do that), the best strategy for mowing it, and quite importantly how to turn it off lol.

So in addition to learning a new skill and burning some calories, I now not only feel really great about actually do this for myself but the lawns look fab to boot!

Add to that, I walked into town, stocked the cupboards with lots of delicious, fresh & healthy food, and Hartleigh came home from his week long holiday at his dads, it’s a good day!



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