Sunday, good things, bad things, happy day

It’s been a fairly relaxing Sunday full of good things and bad things, on a relative scale.

Good thing:

I did a marathon ironing session, more than 3 hours worth but the end results are so rewarding, I love the sight of my sons clothes all hanging up in his wardrobe – mine not so much because it’s all my ‘fat’ clothes, but hey I’m working on that.

Bad thing:

Disaster during the ironing session though – my iron gave up the ghost! Thinking back it must be at least 7 years old as I have had it at least since I move back to New Plymouth, and it get used A LOT! Luckily I know my neighbour, who is an old school friend, and borrowed hers so I could finish. Phew!

Good thing:

Mr 6 has had a really good eating day, snacking on lots of healthy food and eating a chicken sausage and steak for dinner. He’s even had two pottles of yoghurt. Maybe we have turned a corner with is food phobias.

Good thing:

My intake has also been really good and I am 400 calories under my daily limit, although this is not ideal as I don’t want to go into starvation mode, I’m not at all hungry but I know if I feel peckish later I can still have something without guilt.

Bad thing:

Lesson learnt with the cooking oil I used for my mushrooms – 123 calories for 15mls forget it! Aaarrrgghhhh 😦

Bad thing:

I chose not to join friends at the beach who were going to get a pizza for dinner 😦 Next time!

Good thing:

Ironing done, lunches for the week done, some client work done, some exercise done, some housework done, dishes done. Rewarding day.

Happy Sunday!

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