Smiling Saturday

What a great day!

Weighed myself and was happily the same as I was yesterday. After losing 600gms the day before I was a little wary that it was a glitch, but was very happy to find that I have indeed lost 3.4kgs so far. Yay me!

Went shopping with my friend Shelley. Bought a new iron! so excited, it even has a digital temperature gauge!



This pretty picture of my stylish new iron was stolen from here


Also bought some other bits and pieces for the house and weight loss – a rubbish bin, some more measuring cups and spoons, brooms, and a great mini roasting tray to cook my meat a little more healthily.

Then set up Shelley on MFP (My Fitness Pal – a fabulous weight loss site to track your food, exercise and weight loss) and we took our ‘before’ pics. Not quite ready to post them online yet. Maybe when I am halfway to goal.

Dinner is an indulgent scotch fillet with mushrooms & garlic, and the obligatory salad. Have also treated myself to a glass of merlot!


Best part of the day: Shopping in the sun, hanging out with my friend and Harts, and having a relaxing evening.

Worst part of the day: Leaving my iPhone in one of the shops – safely rescued after a minor panic attack!


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