Weigh In Wednesday 25/4/12

It’s a big weigh-in Wednesday today for several reasons

Firstly – I have lost 3.8kgs (8.4lbs) – So happy the scales just keep going down

Secondly – Anzac Day is always emotional. My ex-husband, who served in the Navy for 24 years, took Hartleigh to the local service. Here’s H all dressed up and ready to go.

I also took the opportunity of a day off to do some more sorting and unpacking. I split my wardrobes (there are two in my room ) between those clothes that first now (or will soon) eg; ‘fat clothes’ and pretty much the ‘goal’ wardrobe, where – to be honest, most of my favourite pieces are. I also emptied out a few more containers of clothes and I now, I not only have a goal ‘outfit’ but also a goal dress, goal fitness clothing, but also goal undies lol. Yep nothing by halves!

I also finally hit the dining room and now I can actually sit at the table and might move my office out there instead of working in the lounge. We’ll see, it means breaking myself away from the TV!

I found my favourite glasses I had been looking for and also found somethings I decided to give away to a local family who lost everything in a fire. Even though I know it’s for a good cause it’s still hard to say goodbye to things, I’m so sentimental and a bit of a hoarder I still think ‘but I might need it one day’ lol – yeah probably not!

I also have a tonne of things to get to friends and family so looking forward to doing a big ‘drop off’ run shortly. One step closer to ‘operation excess gone’. Excess belongings AND excess weight. Yeah baby!

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