Weigh In Wednesday 2/5/12

Welcome to Weigh-In Wednesday!

Total loss is 4.1kgs – just 300gms from last week which is very disappointing but a good result if you work it out over 4 weeks. Yep I’m taking that even though it’s a bit soft! I did actually lose 4.2kgs but went up overnight 😦 And I am only counting my weekly weigh in as the gauge.

Very excited that one of my clients is running a Biggest Loser in their office, which I am participating in, so that has given me a whole new motivation as our results will be posted each week and person who has the biggest percentage loss gets a voucher, and get the kudos of the Biggest Loser! We also talked about taking pics of our goal outfits and see how they change over the weeks.  I think it’s a fab idea and might post me ‘trying’ to put my capri pants on.

Have added high calcium, low fat dairy to my diet too and hope that will assist » This is why. I also had really good results the weeks I had a couple of protein shakes, so going to kick those back in too.

I have to just keep that ultimate goal in mind – wearing my favourite dress to the races in December. The below pic is of me and some friends at the races a few years ago when I was nearly at my lowest weight! Can’t wait to get back there and then even lower!


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