Motivation Monday – Good Things

Gaaah so busy haven’t had time to blog and I definitely don’t want to end up only posting on the ‘theme’ days and be all predictable! However, with a few minutes to spare I thought I’d at least do Motivation Monday, and see if I can hit the ground running for the rest of the week!

The weekend was great, Mr 6 was here for the whole weekend and we had some family time at one of my aunts, she cooked a beautiful roast beef and I am stoked I managed to fit it into my daily calories. Last night saw the super moon grace us with it’s presence and wow it looked so beautiful.

Last night I set up a spreadsheet with my various weight loss goals including the BMI’s, the quarters and thirds and of course the wonderful ‘goal’! Even only losing 1kg a week I should reach it by the end of October, however, I’m quite keen to up my loss to closer to 1.5kgs per week if I can do some calorie cycling and also exercise. However, considering I dislike exercising I’m going to avoid that for as long as possible, in saying that I have sourced a Winsor Pilates DVD and do intend to start doing the pilates over the winter to start to tone up and increase flexibility. I’ll keep you posted on my progress.

So now, onto the motivation…

Did you kick ass today?


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