Fashionista Friday – Heels

One of the things I have found as I gained weight was how much harder it was to choose to wear heels, mostly because my weight combined with the heels just made my feet hurt as well as the fact I thought it looked weird – I have skinny calves and ankles which exaggerates how big my thighs, stomach and bottom are, adding heels just seemed to warp that look more. However, on Monday I made myself put on a pair of heels to go to a client meeting and I immediately remembered why I used to love wearing them. Height, posture, leg elongation, and it makes you feel more confident. Flat shoes are casual, heels mean business! Being a business owner I know I need to lift my game and start dressing more like a professional, and since all my business-like clothes are small sizes it’s another incentive to get this weight off asap!

My reward for when I get to a 10kg loss is two new pairs of winter heels – those heels you can wear even in the rain. My first reward in operation #yummymummy!

Here’s Posh rocking the yummy mummy look with her usual effortless elegance. She might not be able to sing, but she has style!

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