Weigh In Wednesday 6/6/12

This morning’s weigh in saw an 8.5kg total loss. I was hoping it would be a little more but alas it wasn’t.

Got some NFS Trim-FX capsules from the health food store, so I’m hoping they will help kick up my metabolism a bit. I know I need to get some exercise in somewhere too. Just not sure when or what!

Friday is another smeet up and I have decided I’m going to just have Vodka & Zero which is a really good low calorie alcohol option. I’m going to track the drinks too – something I don’t usually do when out drinking because it just blows the daily target, however I won’t get to goal by doing that so I just gotta suck it up and work hard for the next few months.

I also read that white bean extract can help with blocking carbs so at some stage I’ll look to get some of those too. The advice is not to take them all the time, but just before a high carb meal. Sounds good to me!

Now if I could just look like this before Christmas!


Image source

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