Motivation Monday – Seek Inspiration

Losing weight is HARD! If it wasn’t everyone would be doing it right? It’s also hard so you ‘remember’ next time you are tempted to have that second helping.

I was reading yesterday on the My Fitness Pal forum a question from someone about ‘cheat days’ which to me seemed like the opposite of what most of us are trying to do. The responses varied from eating what ever you wanted for an entire day (omgosh) to choosing the full-fat version of your meal. There was also a response which really resonated with me, especially in lieu of my disaster with pizza a few weeks ago (albeit accidental), and that is it takes about a week for your body to ‘recover’ from a cheat day.

Why would you set your weight loss journey back a week by overeating for one day?

I can understand going over your calories for the day by 10% maybe once a week,especially if you are like me and you have a daily limit of 1,000, but for me the reason I am overweight is that previously everyday was a ‘cheat day’ and as soon as you let yourself have one cheat day, then it’s easier to let yourself have another, and another!

So when those days come along where I feel like completely bingeing I seek inspiration. I read other peoples weight loss success stories, I read weight loss and fitness magazines, I look at pictures of how I want to look and I resolve that I won’t cheat because at the end of the day I DON’T WANT TO BE FAT ANYMORE! How I feel when I fit into my ‘small’ clothes is a much better feeling than that burger, chocolate dessert, or butter chicken.


What do you do to keep yourself on ‘track’?

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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