Sunday Catch Up & Reset

As you will have noticed, there was no Wednesday Weigh In or Fashionista Friday this week, I was simply too busy with my son’s 7th birthday party, clients, and other work related things. I’ve also had a terrible eating weekend and back to some old habits, however have had a very stern word with myself and have set a goal of limiting intake to approximately 600 calories a day for the next two and half weeks before the trip to Auckland. Will probably do some meal replacements using the Horleys Sculpt I have and just have either salad or vegetable soup. Shouldn’t be too hard as I have a set target and goal and it’s a short time frame.

Goal is to lose 5kgs from weigh in amount tomorrow and reach a couple of my other goals. I’m also resetting the ‘organisation’ button for the last two weeks of the school term and getting into a better routine for work. I know it takes a bit of time getting things organised in advance, but it’s easier when I spend the time and makes life smoother and calmer.

Tomorrow is Motivation Monday but in the meantime I wanted to just post something ‘pretty’ for Sunday.


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