Weigh In Wednesday 27/6/12

A whole week to go no where. I weigh the same today as I did last Wednesday!

I am, however, super psyched (yes I did just say that) that next week I have a whole week – well 8 and a half days actually – of childfreeness! Mr 7 is going to his dads for the first week of the holidays. This means I can not only pull some wicked long hours (including a roadtrip to Auckland and back) but also get back to Zen with my eating. The past week I have learnt a few new tricks (from Dr Oz) that I am going to test out. I’ll be able to portion out all my meals and have them all ready to go. Luckily I don’t mind having the same thing for days and days in a row and I will have a little treat whilst in Auckland (think eggs bene & cupcakes!), but otherwise I’m happy to just set up the same thing each day – it means not thinking too much about meals and work more!

I also purchased 10 power plate sessions so I’m going to fit some of those in too, and maybe the odd sunbed too.

I think I can easily knock 2kgs off during that time, if not a little more!

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