Did ya miss me?

Things have been crazy busy with the end of the school term, a trip to Auckland, and work!

I have been absolutely loving my ‘me’ time while Mr 7 has spent the week at his dads but boy oh boy am I looking forward to having him back on Sunday. So excited to spend a week with him just hanging out, doing mum/son stuff, and enjoy some QT. I miss having that gorgeous little muffin to give the smoochies too.

Not withstanding my missing my little man, I have had a fantastic week. Tuesday I headed to Auckland with Bridget to attend the Social Media Breakfast that had been put on by Air New Zealand and featured Randi Zuckerberg and Jessica Gilmartin! It was absolutely a whirlwind trip – 11 hours driving, 18 hours in Auckland which included about 7 of those sleeping, but it was totally worth it.

It was my first ‘holiday’ in about 20 months and I really wish I could have stayed longer but alas not this time. I can tell ya, it won’t be 20 months before my next mini-break!

The ole diet has had a hammering over the past week and I haven’t weighed in for about a week – eeek! However, I wanted to enjoy my break, not stress about intake and what ever the damage I’ll just deal with it. When I’m at goal I’ll need to be able to have the odd blow out so this is a good way test the bounce back.

Completely back on track tomorrow, after all that goal is not getting any closer by completely destroying my daily intake.

I do feel like things are moving in the right direction for me both personally and professionally, time to start believing my own hype a bit!

I really want to get my hair cut shorter, to a style like this…

Image source

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