Weigh In Wednesday 11/7/12

This is my first weigh in for a couple of weeks due to a busy schedule and last week being out of town.

The scales were NOT kind to me, but I expected it, and with only two weeks left of the Biggest Loser at my clients office, I have to really get back on track asap!

As I’m not giving my weight on here yet, I have lost 9kgs which is actually an increase of 1.5kgs as I had lost 10.5kgs.

Alcohol has not been my friend, nor has that little calorie craver that sits inside my head, but she’s been banished back to her locked cell now and the kick ass yummy-mummy-in-the-making is back calling the shots!

Can I drop 4kgs in two weeks? You bet I can! No more excuses, time to get back to #operationyummymummy after all summer is coming, ready or not, and I am damn well determined to be ready!

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