Christmas Crafts – July

This weekend I started some crafts for Christmas. My theme this year is the same as last year which is beige [in the form of burlap, twine, manilla & Hessian] and black. Why am I doing the same theme two years in a row? Well last year my efforts were less than impressive, and although the gifts looked good the tree and other decorations looked, to be quite frank, shite. So I’m actually going to make this year’s effort one with a major ‘wow’ factor, including making my own decorations.

Here’s the first effort – a twine wreath. I wrapped  twine around a polystyrene base, and will add an accent to it once I find the perfect thing. Possibly a black felt flower similar to some I have seen on Pinterest. This photo was taken with Instagram so has a filter on it – when it’s completed I’ll post an unfiltered version so it shows up better.

twine wreath


This is the start of the Advent Calendar that I have created personalised activities and rewards for Mr 7 for. They’ll be printed onto playing-card sized card and include things like going to visit the lights at the local park, extra book at bedtime, watch a Christmas themed movie, and other fun things for kids (and parents). The are manilla wages envelopes, and I cut the numbers from black card stock using my Cricut [love that thing]. Haven’t decided on the final display method yet, but will probably either be a banner or in a themed bucket.

advent calendar


You can also see the little ‘Noel” banner I made, just not sure where it’s going to go yet. The squares and letters were also cut using the Cricut and are threaded onto black cord. Could work by the fireplace.

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