Want Wednesday – Why I Think I Should Win A Toyota 86 [for 86 Days]

Toyota are running a competition to win a Toyota 86 for 86 days. Whilst I have entered this competition, I also felt inclined to write this blog about it too! No, it’s not part of the competition, and I do not think it will help me win!

Why I Should Win

This is my first ever car – A 1976 Toyota Corolla, my sister and I inherited it from my grandmother in 1983. I was only 13 at the time, so my sister who was 15 had to drive me everywhere but it still gave us incredible freedom. A year later we moved from Taranaki to Auckland and that little car drove us safely back to New Plymouth every weekend for a many months, as we came to grips with our new life in the big smoke and made friends up there.

Our car was white, and was in mint condition when we got it. Might have to dig out my OLD photo albums and see if I have a pic. After I turned 15 and got my licence my sister bought herself a car and I got the Corolla. That car became an integral part of my life, getting me to school, parties, friends places, and of course ‘cruising’ around town. My best friend and I would spend hours just driving around, hoping to spot our current ‘crush’. Those really were the days!


Jet forward to 2012, and I have been back in New Plymouth for 7 years now, after 21 years away, mostly in Auckland, but also in Sydney [for a couple of years] and London [on the obligatory OE] and this is my current car, I’m ashamed to say. Yes it’s a Toyota [good] but it’s a 1994 [bad]. It’s not me, it’s not my personality, I don’t enjoy driving it, but it gets me from A to B and I need to be thankful for that!


I did used to have a RAV4, which I loved! Anyway, we won’t dwell on that!

I’ll Use My Powers For Good


One thing about having a shitty car, and lets face it – mine is, is that you are always a little concerned about reliability, and whilst my little gem has always got me where I need to go I am hesitant to go too far for fear of not making it back! This has meant one trip out of Taranaki in the past two years. Having the ’86’ even for 86 days will mean I can load Mr 7 into the car and we can take a long overdue holiday, visit some people, and spend some QT time talking, and ‘dancing’ in the car!

So what does this 86 look like?


Ah yes please! How gorgeous is this car! How amazing must it be to drive it? Seriously, it’s just sexy as all hell! Now you can see why I want to win! I know you all wanna enter now right? Well go for it! BUT if any of you win… Come pick me up!



4 thoughts on “Want Wednesday – Why I Think I Should Win A Toyota 86 [for 86 Days]

  1. Love your work Sonya! Great effort! Good to see another Toyota fan as well. Two of the best cars I’ve ever owned were a Toyota Windom (jet-black, lowered, large exhaust, huge chrome wheels) and a Toyota Hilux. The Toyota 86 does look good though huh? Did I mention I’m going to a track day to test it out? Just thought I’d run that in! Can’t wait!

    Here’s the official Toyota 86 Facebook Page for New Zealand:

  2. As you no doubt now realise Sonya, we have eyes and ears everywhere. Your blatant spreading of fun across the blogosphere is counter-productive. Yes, the 86 is incredible to look at, but there’s no need to go telling everyone now is there? Please cease and desist immediately.

    1. Dear Fun Police
      Thank you for your comment, however the power of ’86’ is much stronger than you! Good luck with your efforts to avert the course of Fun, but alas I fear you are on a futile mission that will only end in tears!

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