Motivation Monday – I Like To Move It, Move It

Over the weekend I had a couple of things on that got in the way of doing any housework, this is nothing new, most weekends no housework (eg cleaning) gets done, I don’t count the washing and ironing as housework as this is stuff I like doing – the housework I don’t like is the cleaning even though I love a clean house. However, yesterday I decided the floors were looking really dusty and dull (they are all wood except the two bedrooms, so I dug out the vacuum and cranked up the music. A client dropped some paperwork off and told me she could hear the vacuum cleaner from her car – which is at the bottom of the hill as the house is elevated, she said thought it was a water blaster. Now I have wondered for sometime whether it was just me or whether it actually is loud, particularly due to my noise sensitivity. I actually feel better about it now that I know it’s not just me and hoping it won’t drive me so crazy next time it comes out.

So anyway, back to the point of this post – housework and music! Having psyched myself into the housework, I cranked up a bit of Nickelback and escaped into another place. Not only did the floors get done (took an hour and a half to vacuum and then wash them but it’s worth it), but I also broke out some dance moves and my very best karaoke (btw I cannot sing to save myself but who cares when no can hear you anyway!).

It felt really good to ‘move it move it’ and I felt really motivated afterwards. It’s a tiny little step towards exercise, but it’s a step. Now I just need to keep that motivation up and perhaps – wait for it – walk around the block! Oh yes, you read it here first lol. We’ll see, maybe when the nights are a bit lighter (Spring is just 11 days away – yuss!).

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