It’s time to put Slack in the back seat!

OMGosh I have been so slack with updating this blog recently! It’s what happens when I get busy with work – which I guess is a good thing, but I need this blog to help me keep everything balanced with this side of me and it also helps keep me on track with my weightloss.

So the plan for the next five weeks is to really REALLY work on staying on track with my weightloss, keep stress levels low, EXERCISE, and reach my short term goal of losing five kilos so I can fit into the dress I want to wear for the Halamoana Awards!

I also want to focus on keeping my blogging up, and help me to stay on track!

At the moment I’m watching X Factor and all those people pouring their hearts out through their songs, and I love how they are reaching for their dreams. It’s totally inspiring, (well some of them aren’t they’re just funny or bad) but the true talent is always inspirational – especially their stories. So many of them I want to win lol.

I resolve to put my heart into my dream, to work hard to make it come true. I’m the only one who can do it and I’m the only one who reaps the rewards!


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