Day Three – The Colemans

It’s two years since the Countdown family, The Colemans, hit our screens in New Zealand and over the past couple of years we’ve seen their storyline develop as the family have grown through the rebranding of Woolworths and the modernisation of the Countdown brand.

I have mostly either been neutral or liked most of the ads in the series until the most recent one where Dad, Rob, tells his wife Nikki that he’s been made redundant and is going to sell off some of his ‘boy toys’ to help the family out, and Nikki advises that he doesn’t need to do that because they can take Joshie out of daycare and she’ll shop smarter.

This ad just doesn’t sit well with me –

Firstly, and this is just being picky, but surely the family are already shopping smarter? They are a family of five – I don’t know many ‘average’ Kiwi families (and that’s who these characters are based on) who would not be shopping smarter each and every day. They promote the purchase of Countdown’s ‘Home Brand’ items as part of their campaign.

Secondly, I know they are meant to be everyday Kiwi’s but in the current economic climate where most families are struggling, some are facing redundancy – like ‘Rob’ – and most of us are doing it tough, do we really need to be reminded about this from a ‘supermarket’ ad.

In my opinion, unless it’s a ‘public service’ type advertisement I actually want to be taken away from the realities of life, not reminded of them! I can see where the storyline is going to go and whilst I appreciate that they are trying to sympathise with families who may be facing the same situations, for some reason it comes off as slightly patronising.

So, that’s day three, a little ‘opinion’ piece.


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