Day Six – X Factor Boot Camp

So X Factor Boot Camp was this week, and I must say it’s so fantastic that we are seeing the episodes in the same week as the US, meaning there’s minimal chance of spoilers. Unfortunately that means there’s no chance of spoilers  for when I occasionally want to see who was ‘kicked off’.

At this stage I’m trying not to have favourites until the final 24 are announced but I have to say that both Jillian and Vino are probably already on my fav’s list. With Jillian I just love her back story and how much passion she sings with, like each word is the release of the pain she has been through in her life. Vino is an interesting character – his singing is raw and emotional and his vulnerability is touching, but he will need to keep his temper in check and start believing in himself or he will self destruct.

I am also glad they let several of the younger contestants go, particularly Jordan Foley who sung ‘Tomorrow’ for her audition – she should never have gone through and it was patently obvious on day one of Boot Camp where she couldn’t hold a tune. Also heartbreaking for those who let their nerves get the better of them and sung off key, forgot the words, or simply got out played but I’m a great believer that things happen for a reason and it just wasn’t right for them.

So far I think the show has been really good – the judges are firm but fair, and the crew seem to be so caring given the huge volumes of people auditioning and no doubt ‘huge’ personalities and ego’s they have to deal with as well as a couple of medical emergencies. Actually really impressed.

Of course there are always a couple of baddies to mix it up, and on my hit list is Tara Simon – I think I dislike her because her ego is bigger than her talent, she tries too hard. I also dislike Paige and I’m not quite sure why, maybe because she’s been paired up against Cece and although her ego is also inflated, I do feel she has the talent and will simply work her ass off to win.

So I just have to wait another 5 days until the Judges Home episodes and then we can get down to the real nitty gritty – the Live Shows!

Can’t wait!

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