Day Eight | Modified Magpie

Right so I’m not strictly sure how this works so I have modified to how I think it’s meant to be. A stack of books has been chosen and then a page number (thanks @shazndolly) and now I am going to choose a word from each page and see what turns up. I’ll try not to make it too ‘forced’ and let the words come to me.

So here goes!






Pinot Gris

Well, well, well, check out that. Given that two of the books were about wine that theme can be seen.

I think next time I would just use one book and choose a sentence and see what comes up given that the page that had Method on it actually was from the spells book and I learnt that traditionally in England newly weds consumed mead (honey) for a month after their wedding to make them sexually potent hence the word ‘honeymoon’ – go figure!

One thought on “Day Eight | Modified Magpie

  1. Hmmm… how interesting! Looks like the Universe really wants you to start something (perhaps aided by a lovely glass of Pinot Gris? Always helpful!).
    I love mead, the last time I had some was in Ireland in 1998 though I was not on my honeymoon! It sure was delicious tho…
    So glad you’re joining us for Blogtoberfest12.
    Kat xx

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