My 2012 Resolutions – A Review

With only a few short weeks of this year left I thought it time to review my resolutions and see if I have managed to remotely adhere to any of them – this is what I resolved and also the results:

= I resolve to be a better parent =
– More patient, less grumpy, more fun

I’d have to say I have definitely been more patient, unfortunately I don’t think I have been less grumpy, and I have tried to inject more fun into our activities

= I resolve to be more organised =
– Each week I will work at purging, sorting and organising my ‘stuff’

I definitely have not done this each week, although I have completed several purges including sorting out the kitchen cupboards and finding lids for all the containers – no mean feat for sure!

= I resolve to be more patient =
–  Patience is a virtue I’d like in abundance this year

I started the year with a lot more patience and as the year has progressed it seems to have sprung a few leaks. Some remedial work may be required during the Christmas break.

= I resolve to have more self belief =
– This year I will care less about people who do not care about me

Hmmm… I’d have to say I have not been successful in this

= I resolve to work harder AND smarter =
–  I’ll work hard to make my business even more successful in 2012

I have definitely worked harder, just not entirely sure it’s all been smarter. I have some great ideas for 2013.

= I resolve to craft =
– Once a week I will spend time crafting

Ha ha ha, I’ve been lucky if I’ve crafted once a month, however the year is ending with a huge craft-a-thon creating elements for this year’s Christmas theme.

I had said I would review the resolutions every three months, however I didn’t do that, and I think for 2013 I should have my list printed out where I can see them to keep them front of mind.

Will’s words are still so relevant!

If you want to be successful, it’s just this simple: Know what you’re doing. Love what you’re doing. And believe in what you’re doing. — Will Rogers 

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