Fashionista Friday – Cowgirl

To plagiarize the words of Donny and Marie, “I’m a little bit country, I’m a little bit rock and roll”. The fact that I’m a bit of bogan rock chick will come as no surprise to most of the people who know me, after all I grew up in Taranaki (full of heavy metal bogans), my favourite song ever is Stairway to Heaven, and I’ve attend my fair share of rock concerts. However, not everyone will know how much of a country fan I am, yep there will be some of you who know I know all the words to The Gambler and that I love Kenny Rogers but you may not know just how many country songs I know the words to, or the fact that I would love go to Texas so I can legitimately wear a stetson. So as a nod to this mixed musical genre, and my semi-closeted musical tastes, I created a Polyvore set for this post.

What do you think? Country during the day and rock n roll during the night.


* I thought I had created this as a set but unfortunately I didn’t so I had to screenshot it, this means there’s no link to the Polyvore set for those of you who would like to.

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