X-Factor USA | Never Give Up

Well I had planned to blog all the way through this series but that didn’t quite turn out – too many other things blah blah!

I totally think Vino was robbed of a few places, Diamond should have gone before him, and Emblem 3 are better than Fifth Harmony.

I do love that Tate won, and I don’t have any concerns about Carly-Rose, she’s going to be a star regardless. I think it’s fantastic to see an older country singer take the title, and he’s just a lovely guy! Don’t think he deserved to win? Check out his audition clip here! Might change your mind!

I loved hearing all the stories, some of them were very sad and yet inspiring at the same time, speaking of which, this is a quote from LA on the last night, I think it really is a wonderful philosophy.

Never give up on your dreams, anything can happen

2 thoughts on “X-Factor USA | Never Give Up

  1. Totally agree with your comments! Vino was robbed! Cece and Diamond were in the competition far too long, the finalists should have been Tate, Carly Rose and Vino – Emblem 3 were good and i think it was their boyish good looks that got them as far as they did. Very very happy for Tate though – the humble, classic American family man trying to do the best for his family. Carly is very talented and will go far, but she tended to just stand there and sing, whereas Tate’s performances were just that – a performance.

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