Weigh-In Wednesday 2/1/13

weigh in words on scale, weighloss blog, sonyacole.com Oh yes, weigh in Wednesday’s are back for 2013. I was actually very good over the Christmas / New Year break and even lost 2kgs over that week [that would be better if I hadn’t put 5kgs back on! but that’s a whole other blog]. It wasn’t hard, I had a lovely eggs benedict breakfast on Christmas morning, took strawberries to the luncheon at my niece’s, and then chose carefully at the dinner at my aunt’s in the evening. I made sure that I had totted up all my calories before heading out for dinner and knew what I could have before I even got there – Christmas food is actually easy because you know what is going to be served. I was also driving a fair distance on the day so only had one drink at each location, this really helped me keep it under control.

Ok, so the status thus far is I am 13.6kgs down from my highest weight ever [except when I was pregnant], but I am still 2.8kgs more than I was in September [not happy] so first goal for this year is to get back to that weight then I can continue to get to my ultimate weight goal.

One of my weight loss / body related goals this year is to get rid of my fat-lady arms. At the moment they have no definition and I cover them all the time. I would like to be able to confidently wear clothes without worrying about my arms, so in bed last night I thought I would use the day number to set the repetition for the exercise I am going to do, so on the 1st I do one of the exercise and on the 31st I do 31 of them. January I’m only doing one thing, then in February I’ll do the January and February exercise, then in March I’ll do February and March, and so on and so forth. So here’s the plan:

– January is Press ups
– February Press ups and free weights
– March Free weights and tricep dips

and so on – haven’t figured out what else to do yet, would be good to get a month pass to a gym so I can use some of their equipment too, but we’ll see.

This might not seem like much but when you are doing ‘nothing’ it’s a start. I’m hoping I might get inspired to exercise this year, especially as my Achilles seems to be healed, but I hate that bit from unfit to fit it just sucks pushing past that. I know I just have to get over it because I will get better results faster but it’s still so easy to talk myself out of it.

So that’s weigh-in Wednesday for this week, if you have suggestions for upper arm exercises feel free to leave me a comment. Let’s do this!

2 thoughts on “Weigh-In Wednesday 2/1/13

  1. Came across your blog today from your twitter link. Good luck with your goals! I started my weight loss journey a couple of months ago and so far so good considering Christmas lol. My sister works as a part time trainer and a couple of the exercises she makes me do for my arms are, tricep dips and tricep kickbacks. I’ve joined Rampage fitness and know they do short term and concession rates if you’re interested.

    1. Hi Trudi
      Thanks for your comment. My cousin works at Rampage so if I’m going to go anywhere it will be there. Good luck with your weightloss. Are you blogging?

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