Fashionista Friday – Toe Nails

Part of the MLFC Biggest Loser challenge is to take a pic of us standing on the scales to record our weight accurately and one of the things I noticed was the different feet and, of course, toe nails. Some of the photos had plan unpainted nails, some had polish that needed a little work, and there were also some nails with gorgeous pedi’s.

It was only recently that I actually bought some new nail colours, the first time in many years. I think summer always makes us want to take better care of ourselves and I remember the day I painted my nails and thought, wow that makes me feel so much better. That small action of having lovely painted toe nails really lifted my spirit.

I’ve always love this picture on Pinterest – these toes are just so fun and celebratory. There’s no way you would feel anything but happy every time you saw these at the end of your feet.

Glitter Toes


Currently my nails are a very dark charcoal and it’s time for a change. Unfortunately I don’t have this glitter nail colour but I do have something a little brighter so this afternoon’s mission is to change up my nail colour for next week’s weigh in photo.

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