Motivation Monday – It’s All Around

Motivation can be a tricky little character. Sometimes it eludes us right when we think we need it the most, and other times it comes right up to us and gives us a good ole slap in the face.

One such slap in the face for me was from a YouTube video uploaded my Mama Laughlin, showing us how she does her make up. One of the things I have always admired about her is that she always looks great in her photos, and I know it’s not by accident. She takes care of herself, has beauty treatments, and spends the time on her appearance. Her video reminded me that a little bit of effort goes a long way and now I make the time to ensure when I walk out the door I look as good as I can – and people do notice!

A little less of a slap and more of an unintended nudge was from one of my friends who had an incredibly long ‘to do’ list of all those jobs he’d been putting off and over the Christmas break he started ticking them off, which then in turn motivated me to write my own list and start doing all the little jobs around here that I have been meaning ‘to do’ but just haven’t. I tell ya what, it’s damn motivating to tick those things off the list, and considering many of mine are to do with decluttering not only are things getting done but the house is looking better too!

Another place I find inspiration is special occasions. There’s nothing like a big social event to inspire us to improve ourselves, whether it be to lose weight, get a new outfit, or something that makes us feel good about ourselves.

No matter where you find the motivation, take it when it shows up and use it to your benefit because sometimes it’s appearance can be all too fleeting!

I’d love to hear where you find your motivation, or who motivates you. Other people can have a huge influence of us. Who influences you?

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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