A Peek Inside My Wardrobe

So this blog is late, very very late actually! It was my idea a couple of weeks ago that a few of us bloggers from Twitter should blog about our wardrobes, an easy enough task except that I forgot one of the bloggers has a shoe store and the other a clothing store – cue wardrobe shame from little old ‘big mouth’ over here lol.

Anyway, time to put my wardrobe where my mouth is!

sonyacole.com wardrobe declutter

First up a declutter. My bedroom has two wardrobes either side of a built in dresser. In the middle of last year I divided the clothes up into the the ones that fitted then and the ones I wanted to fit into. Having recently lost 11+ kgs I had plenty of clothes that no longer fit so time to get rid of them and move the clothes from wardrobe two that now fit into wardrobe one. sonyacole.com wardrobe


So this is the new wardrobe one. the clothes are mostly lightest to darkest and then colours, with skirts, pants and jeans hanging at the end. Both wardrobes used to be about this full.


sonyacole.com second wardrobeThese are all that is left in wardrobe two now, not too many left to fit back into. pretty stoked!sonyacole.com favourite jumper


This little green number used to (and kind of still is) one of my favourite items in my wardrobe. I’ve had it for over ten year (possibly closer to 15) and I don’t wear it in public any more because a) it’s too big, b) it’s pilled, and c) it’s lost it’s shape but I do still wear it around the house because I love how fluffy it is and it’s sequinned bling!sonyacole.com goal dress


This is me, yesterday wearing my goal dress and new fascinator. Unfortunately due to my sprained foot I couldn’t wear my new shoes. There’s a blog about this outfit that I will post up in the next few days. It’s mostly written, I just have to edit out the pain.

So there it is in all it’s glory my wardrobe (well, wardrobes actually)!

8 thoughts on “A Peek Inside My Wardrobe

  1. Nice post! You could go nuts in my wardrobe – huge mess of everything from size teeny to huge maternity clothes. Am starting to break out some of the smaller stuff now, good feeling huh? xxx

  2. Yay!!! considering the blog was your bright idea, I was wondering if you would come through with your one haha ;). Your wardrobe looks fabulous, slimlined like you! You have done a good job de-cluttering and losing weight,you look fantastic!!!! Hope you ankle is better? x

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