Fashionista Friday – Goal Dress

Last year I went to the Hooker Pacific Taranaki Cup Day as a guest of a dear friend who was a sponsor of the Fashions On The Field (yes, that is actually the correct name – trust me I did a lot of research), I sat with her and her gorgeous friends and felt ok about being there until the photos were taken and then I realised how fat I looked. So I promised myself that in a year’s time I would fit into my favourite (and smallest) dress, I would be happy with how I looked, and I would cut it with the others.

This past year has been a battle. It’s been a hell of a battle, I’ve battled my emotions, I’ve battled my body, and I’ve battled my demons. I’ve had set backs, I was tracking along really well when a family incident threw me and I resorted to comfort eating and not giving a shit. My weight crept up again and soon enough I couldn’t fit into 3/4 of my wardrobe, again! I was feeling like shit but then another incident, at a party just before Christmas (where I really was at a low because I’d had such a damn wardrobe meltdown trying to find something to wear anyway!), and then a comment – a mean comment – a rude comment (one that still rings in my ears) really had an affect on me and I decided no way would someone say that to me ever again.

I resolved to start a VLCD and lose as much weight as I could before the next Hooker Pacific Race Day so I could fit into my goal dress, and so I did, I worked hard, and believe me some days those cupcakes were calling! But I persevered and lost of 11kgs in the 8 week time frame. Not only can I now fit into almost everything in my wardrobe (see my wardrobe blog here) but I fitted and wore my goal dress!

I guess I should thank that nasty person (even though at the time I wanted to punch him in the face) as it turns out that was my motivator, that was my ‘low point’. The place where you can only go up from.

I’m still a little way from my goal weight, but I’m happy with my progress and I feel like I finally have this under control now.

sonya cole goal dress


(Unfortunately I sprained my foot two days before this event and couldn’t wear my heels – hence no full body shot – but I will post one once I can get my heels back on!).

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