Weigh In Wednesday 3/4/13

The first of April saw me kick back into my VLCD, which this time is also accompanied by a Squat Challenge and getting back into running (which I actually started 29/3/13) because I felt so motivated to get out there and start moving.

So far I’ve run three times in the past six days (every other day) and started off at 6km’s per hour and am now at 7km’s per hour. Presently running just 1.75 – 2kms each time, not a big distance until I can build up my stamina. The plan is to get to a solid 5kms by the end of the month.

Unfortunately as I lost focus for a while after getting into my goal dress for the Hooker Pacific day I put on a little bit of weight 😦 but have now reset my goals and plan to work very hard over the next six weeks to achieve my next goal.

I’m also very grateful for all the support I am getting from my ‘real life’ friends who get what I am doing and also my online team especially the ladies from MLFC.

I feel even more motivated now than I did in December which given how much work I have to do is damn lucky.

Anyway. that’s enough from me – here’s my motto for the week!

Keep calm and become a skinny bitch

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