There’s An App For That!

Plant Nanny Screenshot

I’m borrowing the title from my business blog for this one! This is such a great little app I just have to share it with you.

One of the biggest hurdles with trying to lose weight (for me anyway) is keeping up my water intake.

No matter how thirsty I am I struggle to actually consume the recommended amount of water to keep my body in a hydrated state (especially as beer is tastier), however one of the lady’s from MLFC mentioned this app for me to use and even though I’ve only been using it for a day I just love it!

What is it called? Plant Nanny

What does it do? It reminds you to drink the required amount of water per day in regular intervals

How easy is it to use? Basic. Upon downloading the app you enter your weight (both metric and imperials options – yay), as well as your body activity; sedentary  regular, active then it calculates how much water per day you should consume. You can then also schedule how often you want to be reminded; 2, 4, or 6 hours, or you can customise it – however you only get the reminders between 8am and 10pm so the nanny isn’t sending notifications during your precious sleeping hours.Plant Nanny Level Up

Once that is set up you choose the size of the drinking vessel you are using and nanny divides your daily requirements into the appropriate number. Could it be any easier?

Where do the Plants fit in? That’s the cuteness value, and to also keep it from being too boring. As you drink your water you are virtually watering the plants in the app and as you move through the days you move on to other plants. Gamification at it’s best.

I’m probably going to update this blog once I’ve been using the app for a week as I discover new things it does but for now I just had to share!

Happy Watering!

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