20 Random Facts

20Thought it might be a bit of fun to share 20 random facts about me with you, so here goes:

1. I’m a mum to one son

2. I have one sibling

3. I was born in a town I never lived in

4. I have a tattoo of a yin yang symbol on my right hip

5. I can’t dive

6. My eyes are blue

7. Most expensive bottle of champagne I’ve ever drunk was $330 and I wasn’t paying

8. I’m a qualified tap dancing teacher

9. I’m divorced

10. I went to three primary schools, one intermediate, and two high schools

11. I’ve been to an All Blacks game where no tries were scored

12. I don’t believe in God

13. I do believe in kharma

14. Sauvignon Blanc is the only wine I don’t like

15. I suffer from insomnia

16. If my house was burning I would save my iPhone and my GHDs

17. My favourite colour is champagne

18. My bucket list includes attending the Melbourne Cup and owning a race horse

19. I don’t have much a sense of humour

20. I don’t like cooked carrots but I do like them raw

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