Motivation Monday – Working Out

As you know I’ve only just started exercising – I’ve lost 13kgs (28lbs) this year through diet alone but now I am feeler better about how I look I need to do something to a) keep the weight loss going, b) tone up, and c) keep me motivated.

Some days working out is easy, some days it’s the hardest thing in the world but no matter what at the end you feel better having done it. Even if you have a bad time while you are there. Yesterday I had a weird run – I nearly started crying, then I thought I was going to pass out and finally thought I was going to throw up! Not really a great run but I also pushed myself through it all and felt happy to have another workout under my belt.

Whether you are adding incidental exercise or going full out triathlon training it’s all part of your journey!

I feel better about myself


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