Fitness Friday – Eat Fit | Train Fit | Think Fit

So usually today’s post is about fashion, something I am getting more and more into as I lose weight and can fit into and look better in my clothes.

However, I’ve just watched an episode of the Biggest Loser and it was really inspiring so I thought I should change up my blog and pass on some of the words of wisdom.

Today the school holidays started and Hartleigh is at his dads for the next week to ten days, as well as that I am housesitting for my friend so I have decided to use this time to really concentrate on my diet and exercise – I’ll be able to get into a good routine and really work on getting my running stamina up. I have decided to also be alcohol free during this time as I know that a) alcohol is full of empty calories and b) it makes me binge so it’s a double whammy.

The episode of Biggest Loser I have just watched is the one with Natalie Cook in it, she’s apparently an Australian Olympics volleyballer. I didn’t know her before today and she mentored Kasey. Two things she said to Kasey really struck a chord with me, firstly she got Kaseey to repeat her goal weight and kept saying she is that weight, the scales just need to catch up – I love the thought of that! I’m writing it on the mirror! Secondly she talked about the mindset of fit people and her mantra was eat fit, train fit, and think fit. So profound! It’s now my motto for the next ten days!

Eat Fit Train Fit Think Fit

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