Day 4 – Childhood Memory

Today’s blog topic is Childhood Memory – Share a memory of your childhood

So my childhood was a little different to most in the fact that I often left school early on a Friday afternoon, would sometime wear curlers in my hair (no joke), and didn’t play in any team sports. All of this was because I danced – competitively! Tap and Jazz to be precise, although I had a little foray into ballet at 3-4 but it wasn’t for me.

Part of competing is travelling to different locations, and one my most favourite locations was Te Kuiti, where we would stay at the Panorama Motel. There would be a large contingent from our dancing school and we’d take over the place – the poor other guest probably wondered what the hell was going on!

One of the reasons I loved the Panorama Motel so much was the restaurant (there goes that food thing again!). We would all dine in there at the end of the day, and I used to always have sirloin steak and my sister would always have mince (with tomato sauce) – her palate has improved since then (thankfully). The other bonus of the restaurant space was the built in dance floor. Yep in the 70’s a little nondescript motel in small town New Zealand had a dance floor, and of course us dancers LOVED it. The 70’s was disco and we used to bust out all our best disco moves. Again, the poor other guests in the restaurant, didn’t stand a chance.

At the end of the night all us kids would bunk in one of the units together and have our version of a slumber party (usually with rollers in our hair), and the adults would all congregate in another unit to carry on partying.

Whilst I loved competing (and winning), that’s not why I hold those years so dear. It’s the absolute fun we all had, so many happy memories and wonderful stories. Those are my childhood memories!


* because I’m not at my house at the moment, I don’t have an image to include but check back because I will put one in 🙂

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