Day 6 – Books

Today’s blog topic is Books – Between those sheets lies escapism, new friendships, captivation, and so much more! Inspire us with your favourite/s.

This topic should be very easy for me, when I was younger I spent hours and hours reading and I could easily read a book in a weekend, but I’m sad to say that I haven’t read a novel in over a decade! Sad, but true. So I’m drawing from my youth with these favourites.

Two of the books are by Stephen King. I’ve read the majority of his books and find them all fascinating in their own way. My two favourites have to be Stand By Me and The Green Mile. Both of these books impacted me in different ways Stand By Me showed how strong friendship can be and how where you come from doesn’t make you. The Green Mile was actually serialised when it was released and that just added to the impact of the story. I remember eagerly awaiting the release of each new book and reading it several times over before it did the rounds of friends, who were also reading it. I think both move adaptations also did justice to the books, which doesn’t often happen.

My third book is a somewhat vague recollection except for a key phrase. The book is called Beautiful Girl and I ready it when I was probably 9 or 10. I don’t remember too much about the book except the underlying moral lesson of the book (and the phrase used) is

Handsome is as handsome does

A great life lesson! This book also introduced me to the word persnickety! A word I love to this day ❤

I huge ‘Thank you’ to my wonderful friend Bridget for helping me find my book on

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