Day 7 – Pet Hates

Today’s blog topic is Pet Hates – We all have things that sap the happiness out our day, what are some of yours?

Oh boy! What a topic, I have so many little things that bother me, and actually one of my ‘self care’ goals is to ‘not sweat the small stuff’, that being said this blog is meant to be about Pet Hates so here are some of mine!

– Bad spelling and grammar! Don’t even get me started! Lol

– People using text language in every day correspondence, don’t be so lazy!

– Not being able to find a park. This used to drive me crazy in Auckland, it’s not so bad in New Plymouth, and I have a mindset of the incidental exercise associated with walking now so try not to let those laps around the block annoy me as much now.

– Getting petrol. I’m not sure what it is about filling my car up but it makes me so annoyed but it just does, therefore I do try and fill my car rather than than top it up, and then I let it run to nearly empty

– Businesses that run Facebook competitions in breach of the promotion guidelines! This drives me nuts, I’d love to tell my clients to run these competitions but well, it’s against the rules. I always to comment on them but I hold myself back because I know they just don’t know or don’t care.

I’m going to stop now, because I think 5 is enough! I gotta say I feel better now 😉



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