Day 12 – Favourite Thing

Favourite Thing – Tell the story of the favourite thing you own, where you bought it, its history, why it’s special

Choosing just one favourite thing is probably the hardest part writing this blog. Clearly I love my iPhone, it’s an extension of me, I feel lost without it, it’s my connection to lots of my other favourite things such as friends and family, Twitter, Facebook, etc, etc.

I also love my wedding ring (even though I am divorced). It’s certainly my favourite piece of jewellery.

I also love my bed, I spend a lot of time in there, reading, surfing the net, watching TV, and of course sleeping. It’s a haven from the rest of the world.

However, if I have to choose just one favourite thing then it’s a certain, nearly 8 year old, called Hartleigh. He’s my world. So many reasons why he is special. His lovely laugh, his cuddles, his wonderful nature, his creativity, and the way he makes me smile every single day. Love him to bits!


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