Day 13 – Worst Job/Best Job/Dream Job

Tell us about your worst job, best job, and dream job

I’ve been pretty lucky, I don’t think I’ve had a job that I have really hated, of course there have been aspects of a job I haven’t liked and in one particular situation it manifested itself in the form of teeth grinding. I think the travel was the most stressful part of the role, as I was driving from Devonport on Auckland’s North Shore to Royal Oak. Needless to say it didn’t take long to make the decision to leave the role and find something closer to home.

Best job, apart from working for myself of course, was when I worked for some merchant bankers as office manager. I was fortunate enough to be able to catch the ferry to work everyday and not have to worry about driving in the Auckland traffic. The two guys that owned the company are wonder people, really switched on, savvy, and very generous. I really miss the fantastic wine we used to drink (part of my initial job description was to always have wine in the fridge! lol) and those Christmas bonuses!

My dream job is probably similar to most – getting paid mega bucks to do not a lot lol. I love variety so a role that changes and offers new challenges as well as allowing me the opportunity to use all my skills and that is flexible and fun!

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