Day 15 – 10 Random Facts About You

10 Random Facts About You

This is actually going to be a little tricky because I recently did a 20 random facts blog about myself so I’m hoping I can find 10 more to amuse you!

1. I love cupcakes

2. I have a fused bone in my right foot

3. I’d choose chips & dip over chocolate cake

4. If I could go back to any place I’ve ever been, I’d choose Paris

5. I’ve had my colours done, and I’m a Spring

6. My ‘movie boyfriend’ is Vin Diesel

7. My son was almost named Saxon [the story of his name is whole blog in itself so stay tuned]

8. I’m a hard person to be friends with

9. I like riding my son’s scooter [he’s not so keen]

10. I don’t have a favourite flower but I love receiving them

OK, this is fairly average, sorry, definitely check out my original random facts blog – that’s a better example!

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