Day 20 – Passions

Three Passions You Have

lack of passion is fatalWow, I have so many passions containing them to three is going to be very hard. I think I’m going to choose the three things that I would most miss should I suddenly not be able to have them in my life. I am also going to exclude my son, because a) he is my life’s passion which really goes without saying, and b) if I use him then I only have two things left which makes the choices even harder. 

1. Life Online: Ok, this is a bit of a cheat because it’s going to incorporate many of my passions such as social media, virtual worlds, all my social networks, and pretty much everything on the internet

2. Knowledge: Once I have my mind fixated on a topic (usually a new passion) I want to know everything about it. I’ll research, read, and absorb as much about that topic as I possibly can. Knowledge is power and whilst I have a fairly good general knowledge I have a few subjects that I know a lot about. At the moment my current knowledge passion is all about eating clean.

3. Music: Music is the soundtrack to my life. So many songs have a special meaning to me, which is why the Playlist blog was so hard because I have so many more songs I’d like to include on that list. I have music playing just about everywhere I am and love discovering new favourite songs. I just wish I could hold a tune!

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