Day 23 – Describe Your Perfect Day

Describe Your Perfect Day

We didn’t set any criteria around this so I’m hoping that not everyone chooses to describe their ‘real world’ perfect day, would be great to read some ‘imaginary’ perfect days too – I guess in a way my perfect day is a little imaginary thrown in with most real world.

The perfect day for me would start with a full night’s sleep, I’d wake and feel refreshed. The perfect cup of coffee would be delivered to me in bed and I’d spend some time online catching up with the latest on my social networks. Then Hartleigh would jump into bed for a the smoochy woochies (kisses and cuddles to the unofficiated). I’d then have a long, hot, power shower. The make up artist and hairdresser would then make me up and stylist would have a wardrobe of great outfits for me to wear for the day.

Breakfast would featuring Eggs Benedict with a side of creamy mushrooms would be eaten overlooking the ocean with my entire family in attendance, even the overseas cousins. There would be lots of fun, laughter and story telling! And we’d take one of our famous ‘girls’ pics.

After breakfast is time to hit the shops and boost the local economy, as well as my wardrobe! Gifts for everyone which I would painstakingly wrap and deliver because I love the giving! This would build up a big hunger and lunch would be extremely indulgent with plenty of champagne and all my best girlfriends! An afternoon of fun and frivolity, gossiping and righting the worlds wrongs would follow.

Next I’d be whisked off to the local day spa for a massage, some pampering, hair and make up and, of course, a fabulous outfit to wear out to dinner. (Spot the theme!)

Dinner would be in a romantic restaurant with fabulous service and food and my date would be my very hot and hunky boyfriend who treats me like a princess! Then home for a nightcap on the sun soaked deck overlooking the beach.

Ah bliss!

My perfect day comes with a disclaimer – none of the food I ate had any calories, despite copious glasses of alcoholic beverages I would not get drunk (just awesome), money would be no object, and I would actually have a boyfriend lol


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