Clean Eating in June

So today kicks off the start of my serious clean eating project/lifestyle. I’m not saying I’m never going to eat unclean again (because lets face it – I’m not a robot and I love cupcakes lol) but it’s my intention to be more deliberate about not eating highly processed food rather than the ad hoc way I’ve been going about it so far.

Of course, I also want to lose weight and as I have ‘a thing’ for animal fat – the worst kind of fat there is (in my opinion) – I’m going meat free for the month. This will mean I need to be rather more organised about my dinner than I am now because I can’t just fall back on the go to steak, lamb, or pork.

Part of my cleaning eating project/lifestyle change is to choose recipes from well known chefs and see if I can clean them up and possibly reduce the calories too. My first project is going to be Jamie Oliver’s Ricotta Fritters with Tomato Sauce. That’s for dinner tonight and I’ll blog my results tomorrow.

clean eating humour

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