Monday Motivation – Mid-year Resolutions

Incredibly today is the first day of the second half of the year. The first six months have been been a bit of a roller-coaster (like many people I suspect). I’ve had some really fantastic times, and some not fantastic times but over all the year has had far more positives than negatives.

As for my resolutions:

Weight Loss – as at the last day of June I was 75% of the way to my goal weight and had lost 25.2kgs overall. I’m very happy with that.

Photography: So far I haven’t done anything to achieve this goal. I reset this goal and resolve to work towards being a better photographer by the end of the year.

New Car: Unfortunately I am still driving my piece of shite car. I might need a little miracle to make this resolution into a relity.

Sideline Project: Still bubbling away but not going anywhere at the moment. It’s a goal but long term so I’m not stressed that it’s just sitting there.

Maintain and build this blog: The blog challenge in June was fantastic. Having lots of new and different topics to blog about was great. I’m trying not to be too predictable with my regular posts and also blog about things that meant something to me. such as my Friday Reflection.

I think I’m tracking OK. I could have done more, but then again I could have done less. I’m where I’m meant to be on this journey. I feel like my hard work is paying off in certain parts of my life and that’s nice to finally be recognised and rewarded by the universe.

How are you going with your resolutions? Time for a mid-year reset? It’s not too late to achieve your goals and make 2013 your year!



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