Skinny Love Saturday – Did You Know?

The Healthy Food Guide has published it’s 100th edition this month, and whilst I haven’t always agreed with the opinions in the magazine they do offer some great advice, recipes, and information to help us live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the articles that caught my eye was one titled Nanny State… Or Neglect? It made my stomach turn.

When the National government came in, in 2008, it removed the requirement for only healthy food to be available in our schools, and it dismantled programmes aimed at improving nutrition in young people such as Healthy Eating, Healthy Action (HEHA). We currently have no national strategy to copy with the growing problem of obesity and it related health issues.

WTF are you serious?

The page with the above article also featured this disturbing information.

New Zealand now has one million obese people.

That’s 28% of our population, what is this costing our country? Isn’t that money better spent on helping people live healthy lives? Teach them about nutrition, help them lose weight, make it easy and affordable for them to make healthy choices.

And speaking of making things affordable, below are some examples of prices of food I took at a recent visit to a local supermarket (and I am not singling them out specifically I just happened to be at that store on that day). As far as I can see most supermarkets have hideously priced fruit and vegetables. I wanted to make one of my favourite salads – Avocado, tomato and cucumber – it cost me over $12! Or I could have chosen TWO packets of potato chips for a third of the price! How can this be right?

Why we have an obesity epidemic

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