Weight In Wednesday – Wake Up Skinny

I weigh myself every day (this is not news to those of you who have been following this blog for a while). It’s my thing. I get up in the morning, go to the toilet, and then stand on that Platform of Truth. Some days I love the platform, others – not so much. Regardless of the numbers I never let that weight determine my mood, if the numbers are down, I’m happy, if they are up, I resolve to work harder that day. That’s what happened today. Yesterday I was the lowest weight I have been for at least 15 years, this morning I had jumped back up by 600gms. But I had dropped 1.2kgs the day before so I was bound to have a rebalance (a nice way to say ‘go up’).

Last month I also started writing on my kitchen window the kilo’s I have left to get to goal – and my darling wee boy is always excited when the number goes down (as am I, of course). I have to say seeing that number get smaller and smaller is such a great motivation. I feel like I have let him down if the number goes up because he notices. It helps me stay accountable. Especially when you are staring at that number whilst making dinner!

There are two weeks left this month and I would like to hit two more of my milestones – both related to weight rather than NSV (non-scale victory) as I fit all my goal clothes, and in fact need to start buying smaller clothes but am not spending a cent on anything until I reach goal!

One of the goals is completely achievable and one is going to be a push but if I keep going like I am this month it’s also within reach.

I have not been exercising at all, except a few days of squats. I need to get my foot sorted out and am feeling the pressure of the half-marathon upon me. Not sure what to do. I think I can reach that goal if I start full-on training soon, but if I don’t have my foot sorted it’s not going to happen. Currently in a holding pattern!

So that’s me for Wednesday! Hope you have a good one!

wake up skinny

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