Incidental Exercise

Incidental exercise is one of the best ways to burn calories or tone up without even trying!

A fantastic core strengthening exercise that you can add to your incidental regime is when you brush your teeth.

Choose a leg for mornings and the other for at night. Set the timer for two minutes (how long you should be brushing your teeth for) and stand on one foot while you brush.

Instant core workout and a healthy mouth too!

stand one leg

Another great form of incidental exercise is to park your car away from your destination, even if it’s just on the other side of the supermarket car park, it all adds up, especially if you go to the supermarket as often as I do!

We all know this one, but how many of us actually do it? Take the stairs, not the lift? My office is upstairs from the main office at the race course and I am up and down the stairs at least half a dozen times a day, not counting if I am checking on a lounge, showing a bride around, etc. This place is big, I get a lot of incidental exercise just doing my job. Race days even more! 6-8 hours of nearly non-stop walking, I need to get a pedometer to see how far I actually do walk!

Some other things I do around the house is hang the washing out, one item at a time – washing machine to clothes line, then back to washing machine, back to clothes line. It doesn’t take that much longer and it feels good. Also when I’m ironing I hang each item up when it’s ironed. Lounge to bedroom, back to lounge, back to bedroom. Again, doesn’t take that much longer and I feel even more satisfied at the end of the pile!

What are some of your favourite incidental exercises?

I’d love for you to share them with me!

I'd love to hear your thoughts

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