Start Saturday | Almond Milk

This transition to clean eating is about replacing things I usually eat with cleaner healthier options. Each week I plan to replace one of my not-so-clean foods with something cleaner.

This week I am replacing cows milk with almond milk. The bonus for me is that not only is it clean it’s also calorie friendly. Yes, it does have less protein and calcium than cows milk but I have a very high protein diet anyway so I’m not going to miss out on that.

So this morning I made my coffee using almond milk – I wasn’t really prepared for how the milk would look which is a little oily as well as having tiny blobs of milk floating (almost like milk that is off) – apparently this is usual. I have to say I didn’t really like the taste in my coffee and only drank about a third of the cup.

Next try was a protein shake. I made a half serving and it actually tasted delicious.

So I think the plan from here is to definitely use it for everything that I would normally use milk for, however, for now, I will continue to use cows milk in my coffee until I feel like my palate has changed enough to either use the almond milk or have black coffee.


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3 thoughts on “Start Saturday | Almond Milk

  1. I found the same thing with almond milk and moved onto rice milk which is much better for coffee. It does tend to look as if the milk has separated but it tastes fine (to me anyway). Might be worth a try.

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