Motivation Monday | The Rose

Saturday night I went out for a few drinks and ate waaaay too much food. I had driven into town and left my car there so I would have to walk in to get it on Sunday. Sunday was a beautiful day and I set off at about 7.45am and was even able to break into a jog for some of the route. Felt really good as I haven’t run in a long while, will wait to see if my foot shows any adverse effects. On my way home in the car the Bette Midler song ‘The Rose’ came onto the radio. It’s such an uplifting song I immediately decided to use the some of lyrics for today’s Motivation Monday post.

For those of use who are on a weigh loss journey, transition from unhealthy to healthy, lifestyle change, call it what you will, at times it gets tough, really tough. I struggled mentally yesterday with allowing myself to eat so much on Saturday night and spending money on booze! I woke up and was mentally berating myself about it. I’ve worked too hard to do dumb shit like that but I had to let it go and the run did help with that. Time like that it feels like the winter part of my journey, it’s a bit dark, it’s a bit cold, and you feel a bit low. But no matter how cold, dark, wet, and miserable your ‘winter’ might be no matter what spring is always going to come. Sometimes you don’t even notice it and then all of a sudden the scale shows a loss, your clothes feel looser, you run a bit further, you workout for longer, lift heavier, what ever it might be and this is the spring of your journey. For us in New Zealand spring is less than two weeks away and I know I have worked hard over the winter, OK not my ‘absolute’ hardest but I’ve made progress, I’ve improved my diet, my fitness, my self esteem, and my lifestyle. Just like the season I am in my spring and am absolutely looking forward to my summer!

So if you are feeling a bit wintery, hang in there, spring is on it’s way!

Motivation Monday The Rose

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